You know who you are now, finally

was composed for the Renegade Ensemble in Minneapolis, MN to accompany their performance in the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The piece contains three parts, each of may be performed by any instrumentalist.
Part 1 would be best performed by an instrument with a fairly large range, a measure of rhythmic agility and the ability to produce sustained tones (e.g. string or wind instrument). Transpositions of parts of the melody are permitted if they are necessary to accommodate an instrument’s range, but please make any adjustments with sensitivity to the dramatic effects of range in the original.
The accompanying parts (Lines 2 and 3) would best be performed by instruments of similar timbre, although this is not essential. These parts may be performed by any number of instrumentalists.

  • Available in d minor & g minor
  • Part 1 files in Treble, Tenor & Bass clefs are included

Download d minor version

Download g minor version