The title of this work refers to the concept of ‘pidgin’ languages. In linguistic studies, 'pidgin' refers to improvised systems that evolve in border communities when multiple cultures converge; they discover and use those overlapping zones of expression that allow for some kind of meaningful exchange. I pursue similar expressive resonances in musical languages. 

The middle movement 'Here nor There' was made possible by a grant from the American Composers Forum with funds provided by the Jerome Foundation. My work with a handful of truly gifted pianists on this project has allowed me to expand my understanding of compositional techniques, emboldened me to explore expressive approaches that require expert players, and helped me to clarify my aesthetic stance. I am very grateful to Keith Kirchoff and Solange Guillaume for their invaluable dedication, feedback and advocacy.


I. Broken loops (9:10)

II. Here nor there (8:10)

III. She quietly enters and leaves the fray (5:10)