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History is going to change

"The language of images…maybe not threatens, but completely changes actual lived life. When you consider that my grandparents, by the time they got married and kissed, I think they had probably seen maybe 100 kisses. They'd seen people kiss 100 times. My parents, who grew up with mainstream Hollywood cinema, had seen thousands of kisses by the time they ever kissed. Before I kissed anyone I had seen tens of thousands of kisses. I know that the first time I kissed much of my thought was, 'am I doing it right? Am I doing it according to how I've seen it?'"

-David Foster Wallace, 2006

Performances by Vasko Dukovski

  • 11/5/17.  Tribeca New Music Festival, NYC
  • 9/24/17. Ensemble MISE-EN, Brooklyn, NY

Performances by Marrianne Gythfeldt

  • 7/14/17.  National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY

Performances by Sarah Porwoll-­Lee:

  • 10/22/16. Punk Ass Classical, Minneapolis, MN
  • 5/15/16.  Spitting Img., Studio Z, St. Paul MN
  • 12/17/15.  Lowerton Listening, St. Paul, MN 
  • 12/11/15.  Lecture perf., Mound, MN 
  • 11/7/15.  Album rel., Honey, Minneapolis, MN
  • 10/9/15.  U. of WI-River Falls, River Falls, WI 
  • 10/3/15.  Studio Z, St. Paul, MN