Follow My Score! Commissioning Project 2016 Submission

Work 1: James Carville & Mary Matalin are impressive

flute, alto sax & fixed media electronics, 10' 25"

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The flute and sax parts on this recording are computer-realized, however the saxophonist Kyle Hutchins and the flutist James DeVoll are preparing to record the piece, with a projected release in early 2016.



Work 2: History is going to change

bass clarinet & fixed media electronics, 7' 30"

Sarah Porwoll-Lee, bass clarinet

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Every player on these projects has agreed to allow their performances to be used in the Follow my Score proceedings.

YouTube ready: James & Mary.

Note: Since the piece will be recorded with high quality and available by early 2016 (and the timings of the piece will be exactly the same since it employs fixed media) if selected I'd hope to be able to replace the current audio with the high quality version. The History piece is also YouTube ready save for the fact that I don't have a license from the movie studio for the Back to the Future samples.


**This is pretty much the only thing on my vimeo. It's apropos to the Follow My Score project, although of far inferior quality compared to the SF/Incipitsify vids.