10th Wave proposal:


Sort of pop-ish:

please note - although these demos use samples of acoustic instruments, in this iteration they are conceived as electronic music (so considerations aren't given for idiomatic writing, humanly-possible speed, etc.). Any arrangements of these pieces for live players would adapt the material appropriately



Today is Sunday


We're from the internet


Bridges and borders



Through-composed ensemble pieces:

Hi ('smile' video piece)

This 10-12 minute work gradually unfurls from the filmed performances of seven people who must smile for as long as possible. Clips from these filmed performances develop in tandem with a tightly-interlaced chamber music score and electronic soundscape.

New work - chamber music with quad mono electroacoustic accomp. (1 speaker per player, ‘U’ arrangement)


Ensemble pieces with improvisation/open structure:

A RAINBOW T-REX (esnemble riffs/driving unison rhythms - improvisation on fragments)

Donnie is out of his element (ensemble hammer blows and live cued audio samples)